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Dr. Sally Kleinbart started studying human form & function in 2003 at Massage School of Santa Monica. After learning Swedish, Thai, and pregnancy massage techniques, she felt there was something more calling. She found it a year later when she met engineer-turned-chiropractor Dr. Kevin Michael. He had developed his own way of working he called Quantum Kinetic Remodeling, a results-oriented structural and energetic technique, using the body's electromagnetic fields in order to affect physical change. As Dr. Kev put it, "the most powerful electromagnetic field we possess is thought." Additionally, fascia, the tissue which surrounds and connects every nerve, bone, organ, muscle, etc, does not have a blood or nerve supply. Instead, it is alive electromagnetically, influenced and affected by thought (our own, or that of a skilled communicator...or a critical parent), and is also the fastest communication medium in the body. It holds a lot of our defensive posturing, and can be where memories of previous experiences remain with us on a physical level. Affecting, unwinding, and reprogramming the fascial layers of the body brought the other-dimensional aspect of healing that was the "something more" Sally knew existed. She thought, “this is what I’ve been searching for my whole life,” after an injury at age 3 had left her feeling like her body was broken, and this type of treatment she knew could help her rewrite that old story. After two sessions as his patient, she began an apprenticeship with Dr. Kevin -- a time which she lovingly refers to as her Hogwarts training.

Learning about functional and structural myofascial (muscle/connective tissue) patterns through the eyes of an engineer, and most importantly, how to “think inside someone’s body,” was an exciting and fun awakening. Developing awareness, learning to listen with her hands and assist in restoring the body’s innate ability to heal, the apprenticeship helped make sense of natural talents that had been ever present, but seemingly inexplicable in Sally's previously hyper-rational world. As a child she sensed how to alleviate tension and stress by walking on her dad’s back. In later years, her hands were guided to heal a friend’s shoulder injury. Learning Dr. Michael’s protocol for shoulder re-patterning explained consciously what younger Sally intuitively knew how to do. Her next step was to complete her Doctorate of Chiropractic at Cleveland Chiropractic College of Los Angeles, where she learned adjusting from Chiropractic masters like Dr. Len Faye, and assisted with a study on gait assessment and correction for improved biomechanics with Dr. Muffit Jensen and PT and Yoga teacher Sherry Brourman. 

Dr. Sally continued to add to her skill set, learning about craniosacral and visceral manipulation, in addition to biodynamic chiropractic techniques like TBM (Total Body Modification) and Natural Healing that use kinesiology (muscle testing) to talk to and troubleshoot physiological, allergy, and emotional issues. She became level 3 certified in Network Spinal Analysis with Dr. Donnie Epstein, a low-force chiropractic wellness technique popularized by Tony Robbins and the Goop Lab on Netflix, and obtained a master's certification for allied professionals in Integrative Body Psychotherapy. Consistent yoga practice, along with yoga teacher training with Tara Judelle, Tony Giuliano, and Kenny Graham helped inform and hone Dr. Sally's background in biomechanics and subtle sensitivity. 

All the trainings and techniques became a background base of knowledge between which to seamlessly switch, each session an intuitive co-creation with the person on the table. So much latent energy is held in the tension of distorted tissues, and their release allows that energy to be used for much more creative and productive play in life. To Dr. Sally, one of the best feelings is seeing excitement and a sense of wonder in someone who thought their injuries had become a permanent part of their story, as she too has experienced this, and is honored to be able to help others find their light. 

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