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Dr. Sally Kleinbart


            My first memory of healing touch takes me back to age 4, walking on my dad’s back to relieve his pain.  My tiny feet knew just where and how deeply to press to release the tension.  Years later, before I’d ever studied the human body, I found myself intuiting where and what type of touch a friend needed to move through a frozen shoulder. 

            Unconscious (and perhaps conscious) dis-connection from these skills, along with the chaos of life and a search for meaning seduced me to seek a path of rediscovery and reconnection.  My passion for deciphering hidden meanings and patterns and bigger pictures led me to explore music theory, philosophy, and psychology; and later, upon committing to the path of the body-mind, massage, chiropractic, astrology, yoga, meditation, visceral manipulation, craniosacral therapy, fascial restructuring, nutrition, and somatic psychotherapy. 


            True to my holistic perspective of all life, I believe the condition of our bodies is an indicator of how our lives are running.  I’ve seen and experienced firsthand how when one cares for and listens to one’s body, meaning follows. The path, like a yellow brick road, gleams brighter.  As a fellow human on this phenomenal and sometimes intense journey, I’ve had my share of dancing with the shadow and the often-very-difficult, shuffle-shimmy back towards the light.  My goal is to draw on experience, humor, and uniquely-curated and innately-guided knowledge to help liberate you and guide you to connect with yourself so your body doesn’t have to scream so loudly for your attention. 


            Synergistic, because often a blend of modalities or techniques is employed, responding to what your body needs.

            Synergistic, because multiple layers of self are addressed—physical, emotional, energetic.

            Synergistic, because both practitioner and patient commit to participate. We seek upgraded lives, not “quick fixes.”


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