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Camila L., Los Angeles

Dr Sally's approach is second to none. No x rays, no apparatus, just her hands, her unmatched knowledge of the body, and her incredible ability to heal. Her approach is deeply rooted in science, the systems of the body, and the connectedness of energy channels and ease that weave together well being. She is like a conductor, talking to your body's systems to help them find their state of optimal functioning.

Sarinea M., New Zealand

Dr. Sally Kleinbart is a wizard. She's worked on my upper palate, something I was never expecting to come up, to help relieve the pain I have in my upper back, neck and shoulders. I highly recommend you see her for any injury; she's definitely worth it!

Tyana G., Chicago

Sally makes me feel connected in my mind, body and soul. She intuitively synchronizes your whole body into communication. I have used her for car accident soft-tissue injury and muscle damage, severe migraine pain, UTIs and bladder issues, thyroid function issues, digestive issues, and my most favorite session is when she puts my body into vacation mode.

Immanuel C., Los Angeles

Dr. Sally is truly a remarkable healer. She is well versed in so many approaches to the healing process. I had a 'frozen shoulder' and I went to some of the best that LA has to offer with little to no lasting results...for over 18 months and THOUSANDS of dollars. I was blessed to be referred to Dr. Sally. One 60 minute session - she brought me back to about 80% range of motion.  Within 4 sessions - I was 100% back and it has stayed that way for over 2 years.

Jason L., Los Angeles

I lived with lingering plantar fasciitis for two years in my foot, tried all of the podiatrist stuff, lost hope, came to Sally, she fixed me in one session, I got my life back. This woman is the real deal, and if you're reading this just stop and make an appointment.

Benj K., Los Angeles

Dr. Sally is so much more than a chiropractor. This is not a "crack ya, charge ya" outfit, but rather a whole body approach (specializing in soft tissue - that's the technical term for muscles & tendons & cartilage and other gooey stuff, I believe) to pain alleviation and healing. Old injuries, new injuries, and the knots you've tied yourself in while trying to function... that THEMSELVES have caused a cascading ripple effect of even more troubles... Sally will work to methodically & gently unwind it all. She doesn't just adjust you, she resets you. 
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