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Chronic and recent injuries

A comprehensive, "different" approach


20% off this protocol through January, so this month-long cleanse is only $235 (a savings of $60!) AND I'll give you 10% off my services for 30 days after purchase so we can tailor it to you specifically and support your individual nutrition, physiology, nervous system, emotions, organs, and structure. If additional supplements are indicated during the month, you’ll also receive a 20% discount on those. If you’re local to Downtown Los Angeles, we can do hands-on work in person. Otherwise, nutritional counseling, emotional, and bio-energetic work can be conducted via Skype (or even if you’re in LA and prefer not to receive structural bodywork, this will probably be a quicker session and less cost to you). Either way, I’ll include a suggestion of how to take these supplements with purchase of the kit.


The quality and potency of this combo is such that your body will benefit from this combination whether you change how you’re eating or not. What I’ve included will detoxify, heal, and replenish the health of your gut and digestive tract, where all health begins, and the liver, the major organ of detoxification.



If it resonates with you, it’s an ideal time to also commit to a basic elimination diet for four weeks. Something along the lines of a Whole 30/Body Ecology Diet/Paleo way of eating, where you cut out wheat, grains, sugar, and processed foods in general, and focus on organic protein and veggies, and nourishing foods like bone or veg broth and fermented veggies like sauerkraut and kimchi. This will maximize your opportunity to detoxify, heal and replenish.


We can meet to personalize a meal plan and figure out what exactly works best for you – which foods are ok to eat and which ones are best eliminated to serve your personal detox and cleanse process. I can also point you to informative books and websites, recipes, nutrient-dense food delivery services, and sample meal plans, so you can focus on the abundance of what you CAN eat during this time! If you’ve never tried, it’s far easier than you think once you decide on a short-term change for your long-term wellness.

Some areas where people may have specific concerns and need additional counseling include but aren’t limited to:


  • Do I have a parasite from traveling to an exotic location or eating a ton of sushi?

  • Do I have fungal overgrowth/candidiasis (sometimes including itchy or flaky skin)?

  • Am I bloated or retaining water?

  • Am I concerned I could have SIBO or some intestinal bacteria?

  • Do I feel like I could possibly have a stomach ulcer?

  • Have I been sick a lot lately and feel really run down? Super stressed out?

  • Is my body able to metabolize the water I drink, or do I just pee it all out?

  • Am I avoiding drinking water?

  • Do I feel like someone else is inhabiting my body entirely?

  • Have I been smoking a lot or concerned that I’m breathing contaminants?

  • Am I experiencing heartburn, excessive gas, or abdominal bloating?

  • Do I feel like my hormones are out of whack?

  • Do I have brain fog/trouble with recall or retention?

  • Do I have pain or old injuries that I feel like are just “part of me” now?

  • Have I wondered “what is this all worth?” lately?

About Inno-Vita's superior Supplements...


Inno-Vita’s supplements have proven themselves above and beyond any other line I’ve worked with. Not only do they contain the highest-quality herbs available (and each batch is tested to ensure it wasn’t irradiated and is still alive and bioavailable), but they do not use animal products in any of their formulas. Professional supplement formulas are often far more effective than store-bought due to using animal glandulars (bovine spleen or thyroid, for example), which have been used by ancient healers for thousands of years to direct the function of the supplement to the right organ or area of the body. Because of the rampant use of hormones, antibiotics, and genetically-modified feed with pesticides in modern livestock, we can’t know or control what toxins remain in these animal tissues. Even the hormones of fear and stress from when an animal is inhumanely slaughtered can contaminate those formulas containing animal glandulars.


Dr. Daeyoon Kim has developed a superior way to direct the function of Inno-Vita’s formulas, via a discovery he made as a researcher at University of Utah. Inno-Vita’s Form Codes are naturally-occurring amino-acid sequences that reflect the frequency of healthy tissue for whichever organ they represent. So, for example, where someone would receive one prescription med for an underactive thyroid and a different one for an overactive thyroid, Inno-Vita has one thyroid supplement that shows your body the resonant frequency of healthy thyroid tissue. This teaches your body how to function better on its own, so generally the Inno-Vita supplements are designed for shorter-term use instead of needing them infinitely. And they’re also a better price point than many other formulas I’ve carried in the past, that aren’t anywhere near as comprehensive in their scope and function. They are safe to take in conjunction with most other meds – please inquire if you have any specific concerns.




Integracell is a revolutionary antioxidant. According to Dr. Kim, traditional antioxidants (including superfoods like Goji Berries and Mangosteen) are limited to cleaning up free radicals in the blood. But only 30% of the oxidative stress is in the blood, whereas 70% is inside the mitochondria of the cell! The mitochondria is the energy producer, so when it’s full of free radicals, the cells are low energy, which translates to you being low energy. Brain fog, sluggishness, fatigue…those post-holiday-vacation blues? You betcha. Integracell is remarkably unique in its ability to penetrate the cell wall and clean up the oxidative stress.


Oxidative stress and free radicals are a major source of disease process. In a happy cell the atoms have paired electrons in their outer ring. An unpaired single electron is a free radical, and can attack a nearby healthy cell and steal an electron from it – leaving another free radical, and usually a cascade of more attacks. This happens naturally in the metabolic process, but things like stress, alcohol, overconsumption of sugar and fatty foods (not to mention air pollution, genetically-modified foods, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, chemicals and plastics present in our foods, etc), can disrupt the body’s handling of them and create degeneration that can cascade into systemic disease.


Together this and the FulviCava are the powerhouse of the cleanse. Oxidative stress, especially inside our cells, IS toxic. In addition to the antioxidants, Integracell contains Thymus Form Code to support your immune system, and anti-inflammatory Turmeric, plus anti-aging enzyme Co-Q 10 for a well-rounded rejuvenating blend. There’s a small amount of green tea, so I wouldn’t recommend taking this later than 3 pm if you’re sensitive to the effects of caffeine. It’s a great, supportive pick-me-up without any comedown or crash.






Fulvic acid promotes gut, skin, and brain health. It forms from interactions between plant material and organic soil (like Shilajit if you’re familiar with Ayurveda), and contains 70+ organically-formed minerals that our Standard American Diet currently lacks due to the prevalence of factory farming. It’s an electron donor and receptor, so it combines with the Integracell and increases antioxidant function. Fulvic acid naturally chelates metals from cells and assists deeper absorption of nutrients. According to Australia’s Ecotoxicology Centre’s heavy metals test, “fish which swam in water together with Fulvic acid had six times less toxic aluminum levels than those that did not.”


Ecklonia Cava is a sustainable, nutrient-dense brown algae that had previously been known only to native Koreans near its source until Korean scientists discovered and reported its tremendous health advantages to the rest of the world. Its phytochemicals help with healthy weight management and promote a healthy LDL/HDL cholesterol ratio. Plus, this blend along with its cofactors helps stabilize blood pressure and blood sugar levels.




This digestive probiotic replenishes gut flora, and removes metabolic wastes. Uses pH-sensitive time-release vegetable capsules to deliver a powerful blend of “good” bacteria and digestive enzymes to the small and large intestines. Most such enterically-coated capsules are actually made of plastic, it turns out, but not these! That’s why it took Dr. Kim years to formulate this potent digestive probiotic. (I get constant testimonials that taking this for just a day or two will change patients’ poops for the better!)



Immune probiotic, helps to eliminate pathogenic bacterial organisms that compete with the good gut bacteria for spaces lining the mucosal wall of the intestines. It also has anti-inflammatory constituents like Ashwagandha and Turmeric, that assist not just with colitis and inflamed intestines, but also help alleviate arthritis and other systemic inflammation. Contains non-fibrous, non-starchy prebiotics that act as food for the probiotics without making you gassy. Supports the immune system with all the above and Thymus Form Code, stimulating your body’s natural defense mechanisms and alleviating flu-like symptoms and fever.







Helps the body eliminate the residuals and toxins caused by harmful microorganisms and reorganize the worn-out immune tissues.

  • Helps body’s own ability of removing various toxins and residues from various infectious sources.

  • Supports body ability to speedily capture foreign matter and help remove them from the system








Helps the body and the liver process protein, carbohydrates, and fats so key nutrients can be utilized; helps the body remove impurities and neutralize poisonous wastes.

  • Helps body to store glucose in an appropriate form.

  • Helps body’s own ability of producing bile.

  • Helps body detoxify and cleanse from toxins and unwanted matter.

  • Helps body convert amino acids to glucose.

  • Provides key nutrients that support the body’s natural chemistry.


Powdered green-drink supplement – carefully selected concentrated vegetables, fruits and herbs in whole and raw form that have been combined to provide balanced nutrition and an excellent source of health-promoting phytonutrients.

  • Helps maintain a healthy pH balance

  • Promotes proper digestion and assimilation

  • Supports detoxification and increases the body’s own immune response

  • Great tasting source of natural fiber

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To purchase just the cleanse:

If you want the cleanse and an appointment, email, or text/call (323) 578-4068

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