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A stable structure translates into a solid foundation from which we are empowered to create, relate and thrive in every area of our lives. 



As a non-traditional chiropractor acutely attuned to structural integrity, each session is improvised using whichever methods and modalities will best facilitate an interactive dialogue between the patient and his/her own corporeal structure.


I am committed to empowering my patients to claim 100% responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. 


As we delve deeper into a collaborative relationship with our own various bodies (physiological, emotional, energetic), the accompanying shifts in perception inspire us to engage with our own lives more deeply, activating our innate ability to change and restructure every aspect of them. 


In other words, the upgrades in our body then express throughout our lives as a whole.


Autonomy rocks. Structure’s the new black. Your most empowered, optimized you is eagerly awaiting your engaging. Let’s play.

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